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Hi, I’m Nora and this is my blog! A Heart Made Fullmetal was established in January of 2015. There are posts dating back to 2010 because I merged by previous blog, Forgotten Regret, with this one. GO TEAM ME!

I live in North Dakota with three other awesome housemates and three furry roommates. Athena is my emotional support animal and we quite literally rescued each other. I am unable to work due to my disability and likely spend way  too much time online.

I’m a Hufflepuff primary, Gryffindor secondary. My faction is Amity. I’m pretty staunchly Team Cap (and yes, Steve Rogers is a Hufflepuff. I’ve gotten into passionate internet fights about that!”

I’m a Millennial. I don’t feel my exact age is super relevant to what I write about. Not relevant enough to be here, anyway!

I have several disabilities. You know the line in La Vie Boheme B from Rent? “To you, and you, and you, and you, living with, living with, not dying from disease?” Yeah, that’s me. I fully embrace life despite being disabled. It’s who I am. And if you can’t accept that, well, that’s not my problem.

I lost one of my best friends suddenly and tragically in 2015, the day after my birthday. Losing Beth has had a profound impact on my life, and my love for her is intertwined throughout my blog.


Read. Learn. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Email me at Nora@fullmetalheart.com. I look forward to learning and growing alongside you!

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