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Image description: A pale person with black and pink glasses is smiling at the camera. She is wearing an orange reese cup tee shirt and a mario star necklace. She also has on a headband and a set of over ear headphones.

My name is Nora. I am a millennial living in North Dakota with two human roommates and two feline ones. I established A Heart Made Fullmetal in 2015, though I imported the posts from my previous blog, Forget Regret so that everything is in one centralized place.

What do I write about? A little bit of everything. Grief. Faith. Autism. Disability. Advocacy. Love. I try to strike a balance between things. I try to write about what’s important to me and what I’m passionate about – but I also try to write about things I think others will care about. Sometimes my takes are unorthodox but that’s okay. And I don’t always agree with things I wrote in the past, but I leave them up as proof people can grow and change.

A little about me: I lost my best friend in 2015. My cat, Athena, was my heart animal but she passed away in early 2019. I like video games, superheroes, anime, and cats. My favorite things include a good cup of iced coffee, freshly brewed tea, music, and chatting with my friends. Advocacy and activism is my passion. I’m incredibly loyal and dedicated.

Read. Learn. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Email me at Nora@fullmetalheart.com. I look forward to learning and growing alongside you!

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