I tried to write a freeverse about overload. It kind of started as a poem, but then wasn’t really going that direction. I often get sensory or emotional overload. For me, the two go hand in hand. My emotions become, simply put, too much. As a result, I get too many feelings. Which can lead into my senses going into overdrive. I want so desperately to communicate, but I can’t. And I figured out a way to try and explain what I feel like when that happens… so I’m sharing it in hopes it helps someone else.

so many feelings,
colors and shapes and symbols
mixing together,
becoming static noise

becoming completely trapped
in a prison within myself
as the colors and shapes and symbols
blend together

finding myself longing
for a way to express myself
instead, i retreat
within my self

searching for words
that don’t even exist
as the sounds crash
the key locks

i’m desperately wishing
to let you in,
to let me out,
just to escape

but until then,
the sounds, colors, and symbols
swirl inside my head
leaving me trapped

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