A Spoonie Review

My friend Brittany and her mom wrote a cookbook and were looking for people to review it. I was glad for the opportunity. Usually not one to review, I made an exception for friends.

I am not known for my cooking ability. I’ve melted blenders. Exploded Jello. Exploded mashed potatoes. The last time I tried to make homemade fries they were half crunchy, half mushy. And then there’s the infamous enchilada lasagna. Cooking is not my forte.

My roommate helped me with making the food (and of course, eating it) because I need help in the kitchen. We made grilled peaches and a baked chicken from  the cookbook.


What did we think of the cookbook?


The anecdote. Stories from Pam and Brittany’s lives feature in the cookbook, which helps gives insight on why that recipe was important to them. There’s modifications in so many of them – need a vegan option? Need a gluten free option? It tells you how to do it!

I really liked this cookbook. We’ll be making, and reviewing, some more recipes from it so stay tuned. I’m so proud of my friend for publishing a cookbook, and so happy to be able to share with you from it 🙂

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