Step Up For NF

On June 3rd, 2017, I am doing a walk here in Fargo for NF Upper Midwest. Click here  to donate. But let me tell you some about NF.

I was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis at age three, so in 1990. This was before NF was detectable in pregnancy testing, before blood tests were available (which I had at a later age). I have literally never bene “healthy”, I was even a special care nursery baby.

Because of NF:

I have frequent migraines.

Because of NF:

I am in constant pain.

Because of NF:

I have a balance disorder.

Because of NF:

I have had two back surgeries.

I have also had a tumor, but I am a horrifically unlucky person and my one tumor was, oddly enough, completely unrelated to my NF. That’s right. I would have had it even without NF.

As a result of NF,

I have multiple learning disorders.

As a result of NF,

I never graduated college.

I have low vision.

But you know what?

Charities  like NF Upper Midwest make a difference.

They give people like me people to connect to. People like me. People who have been there. People who understand. They support families – they hep them stay with their children when they’re in the hospital, they support them, they’re there in any way possible.

That’s why I’m walking.

That’s why I step up for NF.

To walk for families.

To walk for people like me.

To walk for hope.

Will you help me step up for NF?

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