Beyond awareness

It’s time to go beyond autism awareness. People are plenty aware that autism exists. Every year, the number of autistics murdered by their caregivers grow. This isn’t from a lack of awareness or services. This isn’t from people not knowing awareness exists. Awareness does little for us anymore and in reality, awareness is ableism in a prettier package.

It’s time to go beyond autism awareness. Awareness is Autism Speaks. Awareness is furthering the cycle of our abuse. Of eugenics. I don’t want your awareness. I don’t want you to light it up blue. I don’t want you to talk about what a tragedy it is to be autistic. I don’t want you to talk to me about how some autistics are superior.

Awareness is bullshit. Awareness is being told that I’m not like “those autistics”, because I attended college. Despite the fact I dropped out, due to a combination of my needs not being adequately met. One of those being my autistic needs. Awareness is telling me that I’m not like THOSE autistics who will never leave home, despite the PCA mess I had and wound up unable to live completely alone anymore.

It’s time to move beyond awareness.

It’s time to move toward acceptance.

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