Yes, I am a “keyboard warrior”.

Why I am a keyboard warrior.

I have seen a lot of memes and posts over the years trashing so called keyboard warriors. Also known as “slacktivists”. It seems that since we use our keyboards to speak out and we’re deemed to be hiding behind a screen, our opinions and voices aren’t valid. I’m here to tell you that’s ableist.

There are many reasons why I choose to use my blog and Facebook as a platform. And when you try to tell me that isn’t valid, you’re being ableist. It’s flat out gross to imply what I say isn’t worthwhile because it isn’t possible for me to do it in what you deem to be real life.

I can’t attend protests. It doesn’t  mean I don’t want to. It doesn’t  mean I don’t care. But what it does mean is that due to anxiety and being autistic, for me it simply isn’t possible. The mere thought of attending one makes me physically ill. It doesn’t mean I’m not willing to help organize one, make signs, etc. And frankly, what is needed isn’t always bodies at protests. It’s one thing if you’re at a protest, but there’s also value in behind the scenes work. Your health is still important and if attending a protest isn’t a part of taking care of yourself, is it worth the cost for you? For some people, it is. For others, it isn’t. And either option is okay.

Here’s the thing. We can make a difference from behind our screens. It sometimes is large scale, it sometimes isn’t. Changing a friend’s mind is making a difference. Offering a new perspective is making a difference. Sharing an article is making a difference. Making a difference and being an activist isn’t always adding a new voice or a new perspective. It’s something amplifying what is already out there. It doesn’t mean that I’m lazy or I don’t care because for me, the best form of being an activist is by typing.

It’s ableist to say that I should just shut up. It’s ableist when you tell me that I’m not making a difference. It’s ableist when you call me lazy for choosing this form of speaking out. It’s ableist. Not everyone can do every form of activism. And that is healthy and OKAY.

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