How many deaths will it takes till he knows, that too many people have died?


Yet another autistic life has been slaughtered. Another autistic died at the hands of his caregiver. Many people in my Facebook feed were shocked. I wish I could say I wasn’t. Why else would we have a day of remembrance, to remember the lives that were lost?

You tell me services, and I tell you to shut up. You tell me to walk in the parents shoes, and I throw my own in your face. You tell me that his life wasn’t worth living and that he was suffering, that it was “kind”. Adrenal crisis is a HORRIBLE. WAY. TO. GO. There is NOTHING “kind” about the way Austin Anderson died.

People sometimes wonder why I became an activist and an advocate. This is why. To stop the senseless ending of lives. Because? I have no choice. My autistic family is dwindling in numbers. Because we are too much to handle. Because we aren’t good enough.

Don’t give me the “but YOU’RE high functioning” bullshit. Don’t tell me I don’t understand. I will close you like a browser window. There is no justifying a murder. And besides, y’all tell me how I need to walk in the MOTHER’S shoes, but how many times have y’all been willing┬áto walk in MINE? Oh, that’s right. Because mine aren’t the ones that matter.

It’s fucking time for our shoes to matter.

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