The cost of being ill

Recently, a mother in Mississippi reached out to one of her local politicians. Her daughter, a diabetic, requires expensive medications merely to stay alive. The politician responded with a rather heartless “Why don’t you try paying for them with the money you earn?”

Do you know the cost of being ill?

Do you know the cost of being disabled?

I am not diabetic, but I have asthma, hypoglycemia, and other expensive medical conditions. In order to stay alive,   thousands of dollars of medication flow through my veins.

Do you know the cost of being ill?

I am unable to earn money. I am unable to pay for my own medications. Yes, I rely on welfare to stay alive. Does this make me a lesser person? Does this make me undesirable?

I have had multiple surgeries, and will be getting surgery on my teeth in the near future. Due to my medical history, it can’t be done easily and I’ll need to be completely knocked out. I’ll need someone to stay the night with me. It’ll literally cost thousands of dollars, and I’ll likely have complications due to my medical history.

My illness has cost me friendships.

My illness has cost me my happiness.

My illness has cost me my education.

My illness will one day cost me my life.

Do you know the cost of being ill?

Do you know how badly we wish we could pay for what we need to stay alive with “money we earned”?

Because I know it.

It’s my life.

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