Everyone needs a bucket list. 😉

  1. Actually have a  house and live there with some of my closest friends.
  2. Be a godmother
  3. Be a bridesmaid
  4. Go to Ohio with Anna
  5. Roadtrip with Christina and Amanda – to where? IDK! Maybe we’ll leave the country!
  6. Reach 10K on my blog followers (dream on, Nora)
  7. Meet Craigy Ferg
  8. Meet Stephen Colbert
  9. Actually get paid for a blog piece
  10. Raise 10K for a local NF charity (NF Upper Midwest)
  11. Publish my memoir
  12. Pitch my anthology idea and get it published.
  13. Go to each Disney park
  14. See each Great Lake

Will I achieve these? Will I fall flat on my face? STAY TUNED.

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