Where is the love?

There is something I see lacking when people talk about the transgender bathroom issue. There’s something that just isn’t there. There’s something that Christians seem to forget about. And that’s love. 

Where is our love, America?

Why are we not loving our brothers and sisters?

Where is our love? Are you acting in love when you use slurs to refer to transgender people? Are you acting in love when you try to deny them the simple right to pee? 

Why don’t you try being companionate? In the Bible, Jesus hung out with the people the world deemed unacceptable. In the Bible, he would have hung out with transgender people. Let’s not be naive, they existed then. 

Why can’t we show some love? Instead of spewing hate, why can’t we say “hey, I’m here to listen to you?”

The Bible at the very core is a doctrine of love. But Christians mess it up and turn it into fuel for their hatred. They take what was once filled with  love, and turn it into something despicable. 

Let love win. Let love show up. Use the gentle grace of Christ. For we love because he first loved us. We reach out to our neighbors and companions and friends in love.

The thought of my loved one being afraid to use the bathroom breaks my heart. I’ll go with you. Whatever minority or majority you are. You deserve the freedom to pee. Christ didn’t die so that we could persecute your bladder. Christ wasn’t crucified so that we can spew hatred toward your urine. He loves and accepts us all. He died to show us what love is. He died  to forgive the sins of the world, I can’t imagine how hard and painful and even scary that was. And no matter how hard and painful and scary it is for you, you can use the same bathroom as a trans person. I’ll let you in on a little secret: you already have. 

Stop with the it’s to keep predators out bullshit. If a predator wants to go in, a predator will go in. All this law does is make the lives of an already persecuted minority harder. You are just as safe as you always were using the bathroom at Target. 

Stop claiming it in the name of childhood sexual abuse survivors. We do not exist as fuel for your hatred. We do not exist for you to use us as your poster child for why this law needs to exist. 

Love, my friends. Use love and compassion. Stop with the vile hate filled words. Stop with the slurs. The insults. The assumptions. Instead show Christ in your interactions. 

I am a Christian. And I support the right of transgender folx to use the bathroom they feel most confident in. Because it’s what I believe Christ would do. 

Also this is not really related but I think of it every time the issue comes up. So there. 

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