Why I Changed My Name

As anyone who knows me in my real life knows, I legally changed my name. This wasn’t something taken lightly. To most people who ask, I want to say “none of your business”, but some people, I do want to share with.

I never felt a connection to my birth name. I never really felt connected to it. It just never felt like it was me. I never looked in the mirror and felt “Wow, I’m Angelique.” Nope. It was never me. Which is why I changed it.

I changed it as part of claiming my new identity. As growing into myself. So I now go by either Annora or Nora – I love both. My middle name and last name changed to because, welp, if I’m changing I might as well change it all, right?

I changed it to define myself as who I am now. I changed it because I always hated having my father’s last name. I changed it because I wanted my name to be ME. Not someone else’s idea of who I should be – but ME.

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