It’s prom season

It’s prom season.

Which means soon the media will be blasted with stories. Which means soon disabled people are once again turned into inspiration to make others pat them self on the back and feel like such a good person! Which means once again, disabled people are turned into inspiration porn.

Before you share one of these stories, ask yourself these things:

Is it about the disabled person, or is it to glorify the person who was ever so kind? If it’s the latter, don’t share it.

Is the disabled person actually given a voice in the interview, are they actually spoken to or are they spoken about/around? If it’s the latter, don’t share it.

Would you share it about an abled body person being invited to prom? Then DON’T FREAKING SHARE IT.

As a disabled adult, I would be appalled to find out someone invited me to an event (I’m too old for prom and actually never went) just because they felt sorry for me. I would be horrified to find a media story talking around me or around me but not TO me.

We don’t exist to inspire you.

Have a nice day. Glad we had this convo. Think before you share. Think about the reason you’re sharing.

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