I’m shady…or something

Image is of a pale brunette female. She is wearing a grey hat and zebra print sunglasses. She also has on an orange, pink, white, and grey cardigan, an orange t-shirt, and a blue, green, pink, and orange necklace with various sized square and circle beads.





So, one of the more sucky things about being Autistic is dealing with sensory overload. Sensory overload is when there’s just too much going on in the world and my brain and body cannot process it. So this results – I wear sunglasses indoors. I look silly and if I’m doing something like getting food, I have to ask a friend to help describe the food so I don’t get something gluten-y by mistake. Because that would suck donkey balls.

Light hurts. Like, they’re not just bright and trigger my migraines sometimes (I am hella photosensitive and suffer from severe photosensitive migraines. I really need to get a pair of blue tinted glasses, but moving on). They physically hurt every inch of my body in a way I can’t explain. They send my brain into overdrive. I literally cannot function with lights on many days.

But I’ve accepted it. It’s who I am. Who cares if I look silly wearing my sunglasses indoors? I’m happy and comfortable. Isn’t that what matters instead of conforming to norms?

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