To the person who once lit it up blue 

(Image is a shattered blue light bulb with the text “don’t light it up blue. Listen to autistics.”)

To the person who once lit it up blue,

April 2nd was autism awareness day, or something like that. At one point in time, your attitude toward it wasn’t what it is today. 

At one point in time, you believed Autism Speaks was doing good. You may have *gulp* donated to them or you may have shared their propaganda. You may have not realized that their idea of a cure of eugenics and ensuring that we don’t exist. 

You didn’t know better. You didn’t realize that they don’t help us. You didn’t realize they gaslight us. They abuse is. They don’t listen to autistic adults. You didn’t know. 

You may be autistic yourself. You may be a parent of an an autistic child. Or you may be neurotypical. You may have thought tou were helping a good cause. 

You weren’t. 

You didn’t realize you were justifying our abuse. Our murder. Our mistreatment. You didn’t realize that instead of helping us, you were contributing to the problem. 

But guess what?

You learned. You know better. Screwing up isn’t the problem. It’s what you do as a result. You now know that Autism Speaks exists to actively harm autistics. You now know that LIUB is nothing more than an ad campaign for Autism Speaks – did you know that blue has not always been the colour for autism and it’s been the colour for merely barely a decade? Did you know that it was chosen to erase females? Well, now you do. 

You learned, my friend. You grew. You changed. You thought you were doing something good but you learned you were hurting us. And once you learned, you changed. 

That’s what mattered. You changed. You’re now moving toward acceptance. Toward redinstead. You know better now! 

And what matters now is you educate others. You educate yourself. You educate your children. You move forward toward a better future, instead of dwelling on the past mistakes. 

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