When your right to vote is taken

I have read, many times, that if you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain. I have read that everyone should vote, no matter what. I have read that if you don’t vote, it is your fault if things don’t go how you want. But the thing is, not everyone is able to vote. Voting is extremely handicap inaccessible.

Now, many states will allow you to vote absentee, which is amazing. However, I live in a caucus state. This means I not only have to vote in person, but I can only show up at certain times. I wasn’t able to vote in the primaries, because they are not handicap accessible.

I have a weak immune system. Some of my IgG levels? Almost non existent. Even though we’re near the end of flu season, I catch everything. The sheer number of people all at once? It’s a recipe for Sick!Nora. Which isn’t something that anyone really wants. I am autistic and I have general anxiety disorder. Loud noises, a slew of people, it’s a sensory nightmare. It isn’t something that I am capable of handling.

The lines are long. While I am lucky and have a walker with a seat, not everyone with mobility impairments does. At the end of the day, I wasn’t able to vote because the caucus isn’t accessible for us. When will we be able to vote? Why are the voices of some of the most passionate silenced, because they simply cannot get out to the caucus? It shouldn’t be legal, and yet it is. We are forced to be silent.

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