Why I Am Not Your Inspiration

Left and right, I see disabled people like me being called an inspiration. I see us put on a pedestal, for simply going about our day to day lives. I see us treated like we’re doing something amazing, for merely living! Gasp! How dare we actually, you know, do normal things!

I don’t want to be an inspiration.

Let me rephrase that.

If you’re inspired by me, be inspired because I’m compassionate, loyal, funny as hell, and an advocate.

Don’t be inspired because I’m disabled.

I am more than my disability. 

Behind the crutches, behind the walker, is a person just like you. I do the same things you do. So why am I an inspiration because of it?

There is nothing inspiring about living with a disability. To think as such as demeaning and belittling to us. To act as such is to treat us like we are less worthy, simply because we’re disabled.

We don’t exist to inspire you.

We exist to live our lives. We deserve dignity and respect.

Not bullshit, wishy-washy inspiration.

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