My 30 Things Meme

So, over at invisible illness week, the challenge is to do a 30 things meme. In case you are new here, here is a cliff notes version about me:

Image description: A young, female presenting person wearing a purple shirt and a brown hat. She is planting a kiss on a very grumpy golden brown tabby.

Image description: A young, female presenting person wearing a purple shirt and a brown hat. She is planting a kiss on a very grumpy golden brown tabby.

I’m Nora, 28, and I live in Minnesota. I have over two dozen medical disorders and I’m currently on leave from college as a result.

30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

1. The illness I live with is: Well, as I said, I have over two dozen medical DXs. But for this purpose, I’m going to write about dysautonomia.
2. I was diagnosed with it in the year: 2007
3. But I had symptoms since: 2005
4. The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is: Learning to understand my limits. I mean, I’ve been disabled since birth but with the dysautonomia stuff started, I had to learn to quickly sit down when I get dizzy, to eat a high salt diet, and to realize that sometimes I just can’t do what I want no matter how careful I am. That’s my life.
5. Most people assume: That I am lazy on days when I use my wheelchair, even though the reality is my heart can’t handle my walking that day.
6. The hardest part about mornings are: Leaving my warm, cozy, blanket/pillow/and stuffed animal nest. It’s really quite impressive how cozy and stuffed full of stuff it is.
7. My favorite medical TV show is: Either House or Scrubs. Depends if I want stuff to be heavier on the comedy side or the serious side.
8. A gadget I couldn’t live without is: My blood pressure cuff. It has saved my butt more than once.
9. The hardest part about nights are: The pain and loneliness.
10. Each day I take __ pills & vitamins. (No comments, please): 30
11. Regarding alternative treatments I: To each their own. For some people, they’re great. For others, they’re hogwash. You do you and what works for you.
12. If I had to choose between an invisible illness or visible I would choose: I have both.  Both have their problems and benefits. I really cannot choose.
13. Regarding working and career: I can’t.
14. People would be surprised to know: That I often cry myself to sleep at night.
15. The hardest thing to accept about my new reality has been: How easy it is to slip into POTS-Y mode and wind up a Nora puddle on the floor.
16. Something I never thought I could do with my illness that I did was: Go to Australia!
17. The commercials about my illness: I don’t have cable. I don’t know.
18. Something I really miss doing since I was diagnosed is:
19. It was really hard to have to give up: My dreams and my college goals.
20. A new hobby I have taken up since my diagnosis is: Way more video games.
21. If I could have one day of feeling normal again I would: I don’t know. I’ve never known normal.
22. My illness has taught me: That no cure does not mean no hope.
23. Want to know a secret? One thing people say that gets under my skin is: “I couldn’t do what you do.”
24. But I love it when people: Sit on the floor with me when I’m a Nora-puddle.
25. My favorite motto, scripture, quote that gets me through tough times is: “Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow.”
26. When someone is diagnosed I’d like to tell them: “It’s hard. It’s a new reality. But with time, you learn to cope and adjust and accept your new normal.”
27. Something that has surprised me about living with an illness is: Just how resilient I am.
28. The nicest thing someone did for me when I wasn’t feeling well was: Sitting in the ER with me listening to me crack lame jokes.
29. I’m involved with Invisible Illness Week because: Awareness is good.
30. The fact that you read this list makes me feel: Like you must have been hella board with nothing better to do. 😛

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