Medical Nightmare

So, this current update is coming to you live from Fairview Ridges hospital! Yay! I will spare you a picture – I promise I look super sexy and dazzling but y’all really don’t want to see it. I’ve been live-updating on Facebook as well as posting in groups, chats, but I thought I’d post a central update that has everything together.

I went to my primary doctor yesterday. My appointment that I thought was scheduled for yesterday at 120 was actually… September 4th at 140. I nearly cried, but they managed to get me into a walk in with a different doctor. And back earlier than the “over one hour” window I’ve been quoted. I guess I looked awful. Which the nurse informed me when she saw me. Awesome. And I’d lost ten pounds. Even more awesome. And I was running a fever! With all that stuff, I was shuffled to the ER.

CT scans. Blood tests. IVs. Oh my! HELLA low blood sugar – 53. Right now as I type this, it’s up to 70 so while not ideal, it could be worse. Low magnesium. Liver out of whack.  No throwing up since I’ve been here, but also no eating. We’re going to try some Jell-O soon.

There’s a slim chance I’ll be sprung free tonight, but we’re looking more likely at tomorrow. And amusingly, that appointment two weeks from now is now my hospital follow-up. Because I don’t want to see random doctor – I wanna see MY DOCTOR DANGIT.

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