The plane, the plane!

My flight from MSP to LAX was pure hell.

It was cramped. Overcrowded. And I was forced to hold my crutches.

You read that right.

Every other plane would have put them in the overhead bins, and had they not fit they would have been other options.

But because it was overpacked and overcrowded, I had to hold them.

It sucked.

And I had to struggle with all my luggage on. I had my small object, my backpack, and my med bag (which I was entitled to as an extra carry on as it was purely medicine). No help. From anyone. I was told I would have wheelchair assistance. Extra boarding time.

I got none of that.

It was awful. It sucked.

The international haul was better and LAX to MSP back home a couple weeks later was improved but dammit, United.

You need to improve your game.

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