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Sometimes I feel that people are way too judgmental of what’s “age okay” or not.

For example, I’ll turn 28 next month. I still often have the taste palette of a preschooler, dress like an oversized toddler, and watch way too many children’s shows. I also play young video games, listen to young music, and dress young because it’s how I’m comfortable.

For many, it seems that these obsessions or special interests are weird. That they’re not right. That because I’m a certain age, I should give up my graphic t shirt collection, watch Adult Shows(tm), read Fine Literature, et al.

But why? That stuff doesn’t make me happy. If it makes you happy, great! Why does it matter what I like? What I do? What I wear? You’re not doing it. You’re not wearing it. You’re not eating it.

Keep your judgement to yourself.

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