-insert witty title here that I’m too tired to think of-

Photo on 5-1-15 at 4.48 AM #3Most days, this is what I look like. Curled up with pillow pet, life alert, blankets, and video game controller. Most days, this is what I look like and I guess on the surface you could say I’m living the life of Riley. I don’t work. I have subsidized rent. I can play video games, read, and watch all the television I want.

But at the same time, it’s not. I live in crippling pain. I live with depression. While I’m able to spend all this time on my special interests and have so much free time, it’s spent with medications and doctors. It’s spent struggling to stay alive.

But the exhaustion. The pain. The agony. The wishing it was something better. The depression. The sheer hopelessness.

It looks great….but it isn’t.

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