Living la vida depression

So here’s the thing. I have depression.

Sometimes I get grumpy and mopey and nothing can cheer me up. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or me. It means my brain is just silly and can’t function right now.

Sometimes I get clingy and need affirmation. If you are able to give it to me, that’s fine but it’s okay if you can’t handle it right now.

Sometimes I cry for no reason.

Sometimes I’m lonely.

Something I say weird things that are worrisome.

Sometimes I just need you to say “It’s okay, let’s have a pokemon battle.”

Sometimes I’m too depressed for movies and video games, and that’s okay.


Sometimes I’m happy. Sometimes I’m silly. Sometimes I’m hyper.

It doesn’t mean I’m bipolar.

It doesn’t mean my depression has gone away.

It just means that I have emotions.

It just means that I’m me.

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