Review: Breakfast Sandwiches

I actually started on this post a long time ago but never finished it. Oops! Occasionally I will be reviewing gluten free products on my blog. This is one of them!

The price tag is hefty – $4.50-$5.00 for two sandwiches. In my opinion, Udi’s has gone somewhat downhill in recent years. While some things are still good – I find myself preferring other brands more and more (I get Canyon Bakehouse or the Aldi brand for my bread and I only really like their sausage breakfast burrito. Anyway).

I was somewhat disappointed in these. While they taste okay, they have an off after taste. And they are NOT FILLING at all, which is a bummer for the price tag. I don’t have a huge appetite but I can eat them both and be hungry again minutes later. Which sucks. I really love breakfast sandwiches and tbh, egg mcmuffins are one of the gluten filled things I miss the most. But these? These are not that.

Three and a half stars. Good buying if on sale for a quick snack, otherwise so much nope.

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