We’ll always be good company

Two years ago today, my life changed for the best. A certain fluffface weaseled her way into my heart.

887086_4668494317003_137958730_oTo say it was love at first sight may be an understatement. She’s been my baby since then. She is completely spoiled rotten. She pulls poses and holds them until I whip out my camera. I have literally thousands of pictures of her from the last two years. She was on “discount” – I paid a grand total of $45 to bring her home from the shelter. I cannot imagine a more perfect little whinybutt for me.

She sleeps by my head when my asthma is flaring, waking me up when I need my breathing treatment. She sleeps where I hurt when my pain is flaring. When I’m depressed, she lets me hold her and snuggle her. She sits on my laptop and “chats” with my friends.

She’s the literal best. She begs for pepperoni when I eat it. When I come home from being out, even if it’s just getting the mail, she whines at me until I pick her up and say hi to her.

I didn’t know it was possible to love a little fluff face so much. I didn’t know it was possible to have such strong feelings for a feline. But Athena has taught me so much and has been my companion for the past two years. Even though I adopted her at age five and she’s now nearly seven, I hope I have a long life with her. I hope we’re companions for years to come. I hope our love stays for years.


I love how happy she is to see me again after I’ve been out. I love how is content to lay and cuddle with me. I love how sweet and soft she is. I just love having her for my furry companion. I can’t imagine it any other way. Two years ago she wrapped me around her little thumbs, and my life has been for the better ever sense.

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