I Am From

Oh look, another corny high school poem!

I am from home-schooled mornings
sleeping all day, living in pajamas
Christian school hell-hole,
Hypocritical teachers, dress codes
(that change from day to day)
And public school walls

I am from hospital visits,
Collapsed lungs and tumors
Miracles, doctors standing in awe
Amazed that I’m alive
Shocked I’ve made it this far

I am from my beaten old stuffed animals
Now tainted with mange
Who’ve collected my tears,
And have comforted my fears,
The ones who always loved me

I am from believing lies,
Planted into my head,
Only to learn the truth
(Which truly sets you free)

I am from putting on a “happy face”,
Making others think I’m fine,
As I realize the true “fine”
Is truly showing who I am

I am from open wounds,
Which over time will heal
Then I realize that where I’m from
Isn’t a matter of where I’ve been,
But it’s who I’ll be tomorrow

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