All the questions without answers

The other day I was walking to the gas station. It was a beautiful day, so I figured I should stop and get some snacks before heading to Target. I was passed by some young children – the oldest couldn’t have been any older than seven or eight.

And like usual, I got questioned about my crutches. What really stuck out to me after I told them it was a disability, I was born with it, and no, I hadn’t hurt myself was “We’re sorry. We didn’t know.” They quickly changed the subject. “Are you a kid?” “Nope.” “What ARE you then?” “I’m an adult!” “…are you a mom?” “Nah.” “Are you a sister?” “Sure am.”

I am so used to rude adults pushing for every detail that I was caught off guard. I’m so used to people thinking that crutches are a sign of “look here, ask me what you want!”  And a child was able to be polite.

If children can, why can’t adults?

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