Jesus loves me, loves me still, though I’m very weak and ill

I feel like my world has been shattered and turned upside down. I knew going into my appointment today that there was the chance I’d need another back surgery, but  now it’s facing me dead on and I’m scared and I don’t know what to do.

I went in for my two year followup today (two years is tomorrow. I graduate a year from that. Cool).

I looked super classy, man, super classy.
And… they don’t know why I’m in so much pain. They don’t know why the facet blocks failed, why physical therapy is failing, while I am just suffering at the moment. There is no answer. The doctor is considering removing some of my hardware, but it doesn’t come risk-free. At the same time, leaving them in doesn’t come risk-free. So do I put myself through another surgery? Or do I just live with the pain? Do I do a surgery that could cause possible future NF complications, or do I continue with the way things are, suffering?
The doctor can’t give me clear-cut answers. There are no clear-cut answers. I have to make a decision, and live with the ramifications of it either way. I wish I did have a clear neon sign telling me which choice to make, but there aren’t any of those. 

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