Arise and seize the day, or, 100 reasons part 4.

So I started this series back before the last semester ended, and didn’t really come back to it. Oops. Considering this is how I feel about the current semester:

I thought it might be a good idea to come back to it. 😀

If you’re curious about the other entries, here is Part 1, 2, and 3

31. Fairly Oddparents. They are fun, zany, and an awesome show to watch when I just need to take my mind off stuff. Or I want something to watch when I don’t feel good, having a pain flare, etc.


The past hurts, but it doesn’t mean that I always have to hurt. It doesn’t mean I have to run from it. It doesn’t mean I have to dwell in it, or that it’s a reason to die.

33. “Sometimes things have to change, and maybe sometimes it’s for the better.” – Lilo and Stitch.
I don’t like change. I fear it. It makes me run for the hills screaming. But change isn’t bad, and in fact, it can be the complete turn around that I need. As much as I hate it, it’s a reason to be.



I want a kitteh cat and dead people can’t have kittens. Well, PEOPLE can’t have kittens, CATS have kittens. But I can sing Soft Kitty to the kitty! ^_^

36. Rock band/guitar hero. Is fun. ^_^

37. Can’t be a youth minister/camp director if I’m a dead. Zombie youth director ain’t my callin’, mates.


39. Berries. Berries are yummy. And tasty. And stuff.

40. I want to learn to play violin again. 🙂

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