And now, a rant from your resident Nora

I’ve been told before that I’m lucky to be on Medicaid. While I don’t deny that it has it’s benefits, do any of the people having any idea of the hell I face?

In order not to have chronic nausea, I require a medication that costs over 2 grand a month. I don’t get it.
In order to not have chronic pain, that would run nearly 200 a month. Instead of paying for that, they pay for trigger point injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, and more. When if they just paid for the damn medication, it would be cheaper.
They denied my spacer for my asthma inhalers. 30 bucks. Complete with rude pharmacy tech who got snippy with me when I told her I couldn’t pay today.

I’m filing an appeal for my CT scan. If it’s denied, it’s over $1,000. Why did I have it? To make sure that the rods from the back surgery that we had to FIGHT to get covered, hadn’t shifted. Yet, oh no, it’s not “medically necessary.”

I can’t get the cough medicine I need to sleep some nights. It’s only $35.

I don’t have the money laying around to cover these meds. I go without medical treatment that I need, just like everyone else does. Just like the people who have “good” insurance, I go without.

Just because I’m on welfare doesn’t mean that I get everything handed to me on a silver platter, which many seem to think. I still fight for my medical needs, and yes, I go without.

Don’t just judge me because I’m on welfare. I don’t have it easy, either.

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