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“This is the church, this is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the people!”
I was taught that rhyme as a child, and we’d often do it in Sunday School. It’s a simple little hand game, but it’s kinda cool because no matter where you go, where you are, you can make a church with your hands. And in the same way, no matter where you go, where you are – you can be the church.

“What is the Church?” All those in whom the Holy Ghost
through the means of grace has worked faith in Christ constitute
an association or gathering, which we call the Church,” Koehler,
Summary of Christian Doctrine, 210.

I think we often think of church as the building we go to sunday mornings. It’s true, this is one part of church. But yet it’s like the verse in Scriptures: Where two or three are gathered in my name, then there I am. I think in some ways, especially when we’ve been wounded by the church, we hold a grunge against them and don’t want to be involved. However, the church is those who gather in His name. While there’s nothing wrong with the physical church, it’s certainly not the only time.

This work is in process,
partial, growing, as Jesus works his salvation out in our lives, defeating
sin, death, and Satan in their death throes.

This really stuck out to me. It’s kinda like a caterpillar – it’s complete, yes, but it still has to become a butterfly. It has to go through the process of metamorphosis. As humans, we are constantly going through metamorphism. It doesn’t change when we become the butterfly, though, for we are always changing and growing and learning.

Author Reflection

It helps me to realize that the church isn’t just a church and a group of fallen people, but a community of believers. It helps me to realize that I’m a work in progress. And you string those two together – the church is a work in progress, always growing, always changing. Really neat thought.

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