oh heart of mine, come back home

I don’t have a lot of profound thoughts, or even lyrics for this one. Sorry, folks!

Correlation to Luther’s comments on the Creed may be noted (SC 2:1 –6)

1. I believe that God has made me and all that exists,
2. The Holy Spirit has called me by the Gospel

If I may be brutally honest, I struggle with this. It’s a concept of Christianity I just can’t grasp. OK, so God created me. Great. It’s in the Apostle’s creed, it’s in the Bible. But as a disabled person, I don’t understand it. And to be frank, it’s one of my major beefs with Christianity. Many times in the Bible God and Jesus are portrayed as divine Healer, the great Physician. So if they are so great, why can’t I walk without a limp? Why do I spend every single day of my life in immense pain, often some days to the point where I can’t haul myself out of bed? And so, how can I be a witness? I mean, I’ve been taught since I was a kid that I’m to lead others to Christ. Point them toward the ways of truth. I just can’t fathom. If he made me, why did he make me like THIS? Why did he give me such a messed up family structure? He created me and all things that exist, why couldn’t He have created things a LITTLE BIT BETTER for me? How can I tell someone that all things are by him, though him, and for him, and that he ordains all things for His glory, when so much just, well, sucks?

““Sacrament” is a Biblical reality though it is not a Biblical word.”

This is something that I honestly didn’t know. It’s interesting, how we are taught many Biblical concepts, but those exact words aren’t actually IN the Bible. That we have this stuff hammered into us, but in reality it’s slightly different. Interesting.

Author Comments:

Reflecting. I sense that there’s a lot of bitterness towards God and my disabilities that I didn’t quite realize. I guess I act like it’s not big deal, when in reality it’s tearing my apart. And I learned about the sacrament thing, so I guess that’s good??

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