hold on, it gets better than you know

Hold on. To the ones weeping in the night. To the one clutching a knife. To one the ones starving themselves. To the ones not sure how it will work out. To the ones who don’t know why they get up each morning.

To the ones who have bodies that are raging medical warfare. To the ones who look in the mirror and shudder at the reflection. To the ones who fight an inward battle against themselves.

Hold on.

I am now going to pull out a poem from senior year of high school. I don’t think it’s a groundbreaking or even a good poem, but I think the message fits well with this post.

Pushing the food around your plate,
Trying to make yourself look great
Not realizing the beauty in the mirror,
Blinded by an image that is unclear
Why can’t you see?
You’re worth so much more

Brown eyes, tainted with pain
With a ticket on a runaway train,
Ivory white skin, with crimson impressions
Each a mark of your own imperfections
Why can’t you see?
You’re worth so much more

Putting yourself down at every turn,
Forgetting that life is a lesson learned.
Not seeing the friend that I see,
Battered and tattered by your family
Why can’t you see?
You’re worth so much more

Learning to cope, and learning to breathe
Wishing that all the pain would just leave,
As each day goes on, for you I’ll be strong,
I’ll be the one, with a hand to hang on
Why can’t you see?
You’re worth so much more

I’ll be the one with a smile and a prayer,
The friend who will always say “I care”,
I’ll be the candle, in the midst of the night
The one who saves you from an endless fight
I’ll help you see,
You’re worth so much more.

For I’ve been there, and I’m there now,
I know together we’ll make it somehow,
We’ll make it together, day-by-day
Take my hand, and I’ll show the way
And we’ll let the world see,
We’re worth so much more

Hold on, my friends.
Take the hands outstretched to you.
Listen to the people who want to help – allow them in.
There are better days.

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