Six Week Surgery Update

So I decided to hell with it, and made my blog public again. I like having a public blog, and I figure there’s a report button for a reason, right?

This marks six weeks post op. I look like this these days, as you can see up there. Well, I usually don’t have a random 3 year old with me, but she’s there sometimes. And I chose this picture because you can tell I’m sitting straighter. I did have to get new crutches, because the old ones were way too heavy after surgery and I could barely walk with them.
My insurance still has me listed as a patient at the rehab place, when clearly I’m not, so I’m starting to raise hell. I still live in horrible back pain, and I think my scar might be slightly inflamed but I can’t tell. I find out at my post op on Thursday. And will hopefully find out who whoever medicated me and landed me in the ER on oxygen.
I’m doing two summer classes. I’m finally learning algebra. I’m a little behind, but I took today off because I needed a day off. I’m also doing health, which is proving to be interesting. My life is currently juggling health and school and therapy, which is exciting.
My next update will be a real update for the real purpose of this blog – exploring my faith during a broken time. But I thought a six week post op update would be a good thing so there we have it.

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