coffee black and egg white

It’s always interesting to see how I’ve come and where I’ve been.

This is a poem I wrote in 2007. It shows how trapped in depression I was, which is I think what makes it interesting. It saddens me to see how trapped in depression I was, and also that Christians cast the stink eye at me for being that depressed. Um, Psalms anyone!?!

Silent cries echo upon deaf ears;
a reminder of childhood fears

Resounding silence fills the room…
A whisper of agony, a tale of doom

Crimson scars lined up one by one,
telling a tale of a battle begun

Cerise tears rolling down her arm;
Fighting the enemy of self harm

In a world that no one can see,
An orphan in her own family

A hand reaching out for affection…
and a life going in the wrong direction

A scream that remains unheard,
visions that are tainted and blurred

Fighting a battle against herself;
for no comfort comes from anyone else

A razor cradled in a small hand;
carving a pain only she will understand

A step in the wrong direction;
another imprint, another imperfection

Faded wounds are setting the pace
each moment another step in the race

Finding a moment of shelter and peace
in that time of bittersweet release

And as the clocks chime their last ring,
she lets out her final hushed scream

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