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Classes begin in just six days.

I have Theological and Philosophical Foundations of Ministry. At 7:50 AM. Am I happy about it? Not hardly. I do not do mornings well. I’m an insomniac who sleeps better during the day than at night. Fail. Thankfully, it’s only for the first half of the semester, but still. Double dog ew.

I have Abnormal Psychology. I’m a nerd who’s uber excited for it. Learning about psychology just makes me want to do a happy dance around the living room while singing upbeat songs. Seriously. Psychology is amazing.

I have Psychology of Counseling. Which should also be quite enjoyable. What’s not so enjoyable is the super expensive textbook. Good lord, am I not happy for that!

I have The Problem of Evil and Suffering. Which I’m sure will be a great class. It sounds all deep and profound. I know nothing at all about the professor. That’s always fun, right? Right.

I also have Contemp. Religious Movements. Otherwise known as cults. But they can’t really call it cults because that makes doing research slightly difficult. But for all intents and purposes, it’s cults.

I’m uber pumped for my classes. I’m not dreading a single one of them. Which is awesome to be pumped for all 16 credits. It should be a kick-butt semester.

And a new apartment and a new roommate. Which will also be nice. =)

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