Lessons Learned Fall ’10

1. Windows sucks. Hardcore. It should die a painful, fiery death. Mac and Linux FTW. Apple iPod FTW. Windows FTD (For The Death).
2. Coffee is a friend of mine (I’ve a friend in coffee).
3. Video games, anime, and manga are the best stress reliever ever.
4. Novel concept: Talk to your professors when a relative dies, you get sick, or you just have the Semester from Hell. Imagine that: they tend to work with you! WOW!
5. Nutella cookies are a flop. They burn. Epically.
6. I have the most amazing friends. They play Smash Brothers with me, they watch anime with me, they put up with my mindless rambling. They make me gluten free care packages, and listen to me whine.
7. When will I learn: never tell God never? Let’s recap, Angelique. You told him you’d never move anywhere cold. Check. You’re in MINNE FREEZING SOTA. You told him you’d never go to a Christian college. Check. You’re at a pretty conserative one at that and considering almost a “flaming evil liberal.” And you told him you’d never go into the ministry. HA. Now you’re double majoring in youth min and psychology. Learn this, Angelique, never tell God never. Got it? Good.
8. It’s easy to love those who are nice to you. It’s difficult, yet more rewarding, to love the unlovable.
9. Life is short and time is sweet. Don’t put off telling the ones you love that you are there. And that you care.
10. “For when I am weak, then He is strong.”

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