Angelique’s Food Adventures

It seems that I have an incredible amount of fail when it comes to making things.

There was the Pasta Incident of 2009. In which public safety declared my pasta a self defense weapon and I had to actually go running for them to prevent the smoke detector from going off.
Then there was the Exploding Tuna Casserole in the Microwave Incident. In which tuna casserole wound up on the roof of the Arden microwave. And all over the room.
There was the Ramen Incident of 2010 in which ramen noodles singlehandedly murdered my lovely rocky road cookie bars.
Then there was the Exploding Hot Chocolate Incident where I learned not to put the powder in with the milk in the microwave.
And then there was the Nutella Cookie incident, which is too vile to give the details of. Needless to say, I’ve never seen cookies fried that badly.
On the bright side, I make great chicken.

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