In which my life is never boring

During homecoming, I turned to one of my closest friends, Anna, and told her “Anna, my life is never boring.” Right after I get out of the car, my friend Sam’s friend Dan whom I’ve never met but is my Facebook friend, walks up to me and says hi. Well, hi, friend of a friend whom I’ve never met!

I once managed to blow up tuna casserole in the microwave. Don’t ask, because I don’t know how either.
I once melted a pasta strainer and assaulted rocky road cookies with Ramen Noodles.
I get asked all the time where I’m from. My favorite guesses are South Africa and New York mixed with British. So apparently I’m a British Newyorker? Sweet.
When with a group of friends, I somehow accidentally wound up at a Gay Pride festival.
All this to say, I don’t live a boring life. I have this life where things that don’t happen to anyone just happen to me. And my most recent story is truly one that could only happen to me.
I am obsessed with a certain anime, and so there’s a reason that I always wore my black and white bracelet on my left wrist, to match the character.
Anyhow, it’s the last chapel of Fall 2010. Well, the last legit chapel. All that was left was praise chapel (which I hate as it gives me panic attacks) and the children’s christmas program (seriously, cutest chapel ever). Jim Johnson, the campus pastor dude, comes up on stage and gives his message. Which is flipping epic, like always.
Well. Due to my crutches and the fact I leave early to chapel, I sit towards the back. I was sitting behind the manager. We were to write out on our papers what we were giving to Jesus in 2011. I wrote all this lovely, profound stuff. It was a good, worshipful moment. And then. Then. What happens?
I take my crutch to stand up, and unbeknowst to me it catches on my bracelet. FAIL. I don’t see this happening, so I stand up. Crutch + bracelet = beads fly ever. Random students get pelted with black and white beads. I think a few flew into the manager. There we are. Worship song playing. People all calm and respectful and YAY JESUS in the quiet way. And me? I quickly make my escape as I’m struggling not to burst out laughing. As are the people around me.
So yes, people. What did I give Jesus for 2011? Black and white beads.

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